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POLL RESULTS: Review: Dr. Doom and the Masters of Evil: (1 comments)

POLL: Review: Dr. Doom and the Masters of Evil

Tuesday, June 02, 2009 - 12:00 AM

Dr. Doom and the Masters of Evil3

Creative team: Written by Paul Tobin, art by patrick Scherberger

This four-issue limited series had tons of potential. The opening issue had stellar dialogue and Scherberger's art (as highlighted above) was refreshing and enjoyable.

It's just too bad that the story had such a lame ending. After four issues of scheming and double-crossing, Dr. Doom uses the Masters of Evil, the Circus of Crime, Magneto, and several other hangers-on to stage a battle with the Hellfire Club's Black Queen, Selene.

Which he wins, in true Victor Von Doom fashion. So far, so good. His prize: One wish.

His wish? To be relieved of his conscience.

So why drag Princess Python through the pages of the preceding three issues? There was a massive build-up as to her role in the scheme. There was even the hint of a romantic attachment developing.


She was there to serve as a visual reminder of... wait for it... temptation. The whole girl-with-a-snake thing.

Her presence was to serve to remind Vic not to become tempted to change his wish.

Tobin has served up much better. And to be fair, he took chances with this story that really should be applauded. But I was really disappointed in the characterization of Princess Python as nothing more than a string on his gauntleted finger.
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Re: Review: Dr. Doom and the Masters of Evil (Score: 1)
posted Tuesday, June 02, 2009 - 10:28 PM (#48060)
Yeash! I was reading up on Princess Python on Wikipedia. It would appear as though she's one of those characters that had it rough lately. Especially after that post Civil War thing with the Punisher.... [wikipedia.org] I can see why you'd be hoping that they would have put her to better use in this series.
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