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Evil Inc Monthly - May - NAME YOUR OWN PRICE! (0 comments)

Evil Inc Monthly - May - NAME YOUR OWN PRICE!

Monday, May 06, 2013 - 11:24 AM

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Evil Inc Monthly #14 (May 2013)
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Evil Inc Monthly #14
(May 2013) [Kindle]

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Evil Inc 14

Evil Inc Monthly #14 (May 2013)

Evil Inc Monthly #14
(May 2013) [Kindle]

After offering April's monthly pre-release comic for 99ยข (with the option of naming your own price), I decided to make May's comic completely pay-what-you-want!

The May Evil Inc comic is 37 pages, including a storyline that starts with a new henchman and ends with Lightning Lady coming face-to-face with her past. The special Tales from the Evil Inc Archive bonus completes the storyline started in April's release. See almost every Evil Inc superhero and super villain become embroiled in a war that has some of them choosing very surprising sides!

This was made possible by my friends at MythLogic Press, who sponsored the May comic. You'll see their ad in the comic, and you can learn even more about their terrific books at their site.

Want more?

Go to the Evil Inc Comic Shop to pick up back issues and (soon) downloads for titles like Courting Disaster!

*Saturday strips are not included. They're not part of the story, and I usually prepare those on the fly (sorry, Muskiday), a couple day before they appear on the site.

Just don't spoil it for the others!
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